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Flightscope Technology

McKenzie Meadows Golf Academy added Flightscope technology back in 2015. Flightscope and Trackman are the leaders of this specialized radar technology that provides analysis of the balls flight and the golfers swing. PGA Tour players have been using this to optimize their effectiveness and improve their game and now this is available to all of us.

QUICK TIP: Swing Like Bryson DeChambeau

How do I Hit the Ball Further?

Sometimes we get so hung up on the details of the golf swing, we impede the speed of our swing as we over think and over guide our golf swing motion. This destroys the fluidity of the golf swing and thus the speed of the swing.

Consider a baseball swing... Simply load a backswing and fire through attempting to swing through the impact area. No guiding back and through on a fixed line.

Check out this video to help you through this.