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    Golf Tips

Quick Tip - Translate the Slap Shot into a powerful Golf Swing

By Scott Orban, PGA Executive Professional

Do hockey players have an advantage when it comes to learning to strike a golf ball? Power and consistency may be improved if we can learn from hockey players.

A hockey player understands that in order to shoot the puck harder the player must strike down at the ice and compress the shaft. The harder and faster the player hit's down, the harder the shot. To create this force the hockey player turns faster utilizing core strength muscles. It is not a swinging of the hands and arms which creates the power.

A similarity in a golf and hockey shot is that at the point of impact the club and stick shafts are leaning: meaning that the hands are in front of the blade or the clubface at the point of impact. If golfers can learn this key fundamental they will be learning to utilize their core body strength to generate more speed, power and consistency. This results in better consistency because the golfer will not be trying to find the speed with their hands and arms, thus stabilizing the club face through impact.

Quick Tip - Square Clubface

By Scott Orban, PGA Executive Professional

Beginners need to know what that is. And everyone else needs to practice this.

New golfers love woods. You just set them down and they are square. The loft on the irons can throw off beginners who may be unsure of what a square club face is. The leading edge on your club and its relationship to the target line defines this.

Avid golfers also need to train their perception of the square clubface. Check out the new quick tip video and share it with a new golfer and change their game.

Greenside, heavy rough, downhill lie, close pin. Now what?

By Scott Orban, PGA Executive Professional

This situation takes a lot of confidence. A little practice would be good too. When we are this close we often want to use our Chipping technique, but with deeper rough this would be the wrong selection. You need to use you Pitch technique (this is a small version of the full swing) and commit to this. You also need to use your sand wedge and open the clubface. When you do this re-align clubface so that it is aimed at the target. Take a practice swing to convince yourself of the swing technique that you are going to use. Now go for it! Have a look at the video to get a better sense of how to accomplish this.