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Golf Club Technology… Is it worth it?

Not if it is the wrong size.

I was speaking to a room of 100 lady golfers about club fitting: “If you saw a beautiful pair of Gucci shoes on sale and there were a size 6 and you were a size 8 would you buy them?”…. a lady shouts out “I’d make them fit”.

That about sums up how most golfers buy golf clubs. What you need to know and accept is that professionally fitted Clubs will result in improved performance immediately. And for the higher handicap golfer, the greater the variance of improvement.

Most golfers think of two sizes; Men’s or Ladies; but there are a multitude of sizes (combination of specs) which when fitted to your swing will make a significant difference in how you strike the ball. Lie angle is one critical spec which you need to pay attention to. Lie angle is the angle the shaft comes out of your clubhead relative to the sole of your club, when the sole is parallel to the ground. Because there are so many different lie angles available, golfers need the lie angle that fits their personal swing.

Drive It right down the pipe Or are you Over-Controlling?

The Driver is the most important shot in golf. It sets up the hole for success and who doesn't love to hit one right down the middle!

Sometimes this need for accuracy can lead us to swinging with apprehension, or trying to 'steer the ball straight' by over-controlling the clubface. If you are steering the ball straight the result is often a push or sliced shot (ball going left of the target for right-handers). Technically the golfer is not allowing their club to release properly through impact, thus leaving the clubface open through and past the point of impact.

Topping the Ball?

You may not be standing up. But what else causes a topped shot?

By Scott Orban, PGA Executive Professional

Following a topped golf shot, I have often heard golfers comment: “I came up on that one.”
This may be the case, but quit often this is not true. This can also be caused by an early release of the golf club prior to impact. I call this the “hit impulse” or “flipping your wrists”. This is that impulse of overusing the hands and /or wrists prior to impact thus changing the clubs depth. This can result in a fat shot, topped shot, or if your timing is perfect a good shot. Check out the video to learn how properly strike down on the ball with your irons.